Ntombikayise Sibeko
26 Apr 2018
2:46 pm

Boksburg SPCA offers to help with pet sterilisation, vaccination costs

The Boksburg SPCA only vaccinates domestic animals that belong to owners who cannot afford to have them vaccinated privately.

The Boksburg SPCA helps pet owners who cannot afford to have their pet sterilised, vaccinated or medically treated by a private veterinarian, Boksburg Advertiser explains.

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According to SPCA manager Maggie Mudd, as a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, it is important for pet owners to understand the following:

  • An SPCA alimony form needs to be completed before any assistance can be offered with sterilising, vaccinations or medical help.
  • This form asks the owner to reveal their income and expenditure and any dependents that they may have.
  • From this, the Boksburg SPCA can work out if it will be able to assist the pet owner with the procedure. If so, a reduced fee will be given to the owner.

“We will also only vaccinate or medically assist an animal that has already been sterilised, or if the owner is in agreement for a sterilisation to be carried out.

“If the owner is not willing to sterilise their animal, then we cannot assist them with the vaccination or the medical treatment.

“By vaccinating an animal you are increasing that animal’s chances of remaining healthy (which is positive) but you are also increasing their chances of either producing litters or, with males, being responsible for fathering litters of kittens and puppies (which is problematic from an SPCA point of view).”

She says SPCAs countrywide take serious criticism because they carry out humane euthanasia of unwanted animals, yet people do not always understand that they do not breed these animals.

“The SPCAs are not responsible for them coming into being; we simply take responsibility for their care and attempt to find them new and loving homes.

“Sadly, the number of puppies and kittens being born greatly outnumber the number of suitable homes available.

“By insisting on the sterilisation of all animals that come to the society for medical treatment or for vaccination we are, in our small way, making a difference in the number of domestic animals being born.

“It also needs to be recognised that SPCAs cannot refuse admission to any stray or unwanted animal.

“Other animal organisations can take the decision to say they are full when they feel that their kennels and catteries cannot accept in any more animals. We do not have that ‘luxury’.

“Sometimes sick pets are brought to us when it is simply too late to successfully treat them or pet owners just do not have the money available to medically treat them.

“In these cases we offer to assist the owner and pet by offering humane euthanasia of the animal.

“We have, at times, been condemned heavily for offering this service but in cases where the owner of the sick or injured animal does not have the funds available to cover the reduced fees we charge, it is generally the only option available.

“The Boksburg SPCA simply cannot afford to cover the medical costs for an owned animal.

“We have a good relationship with all of the veterinarians in Boksburg and wish to keep it this way.

“This means that we will not knowingly take away their clients nor will we knowingly treat or sterilise an animal belonging to an owner who can actually afford to pay the vets fees.”

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